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Community Benefit Capital Grants


NCHS accepts unsolicited requests from qualified nonprofit organizations seeking financial support for capital projects related to health and the development of healthy communities. NCHS is committed to supporting organizations that demonstrate sound financial management, efficient operations, and the organizational capacity to sustain successful projects with significant potential for positive impact on the community. NCHS encourages collaboration among organizations that use resources efficiently and provide programs and services that are not duplicative.

NCHS approved 100% of all eligible grant requests in 2021. Review the capital grant guidelines below to determine whether your project might fit our funding priorities and to learn more about our application process.


Capital grant proposals are accepted from tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations, as defined under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, that serve one or more of the following counties in Indiana: Benton, Carroll, Clinton, Fountain, Montgomery, Tippecanoe, Warren, or White.


Requests for the following generally fall outside NCHS capital grantmaking guidelines and priorities:

  • Grant administration expenses, overhead, or other indirect costs
  • Operational expenses
  • Debt reduction or retirement
  • Reimbursement for purchases or projects already started or completed
  • Improvement of properties not owned by the eligible applicant organization
  • Repair or replacement of predictably obsolescent capital items
  • Annual appeals, membership, or fundraising drives
  • Special events such as parades, dinners, festivals, or sporting events

NCHS generally does not award capital grants to:

  • Organizations that are not tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charities
  • Organizations without two years of financial history and financial statements
  • Individuals
  • Foundations or endowments
  • Religious organizations
  • Political organizations
  • Public or private educational institutions
  • Municipalities or organizations with taxing authority

Funding Priorities

NCHS provides financial support to qualified nonprofit organizations that share our commitment to health and healthy communities. As a healthcare provider, NCHS prioritizes funding for capital grants addressing needs identified by the 2021 River Bend Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment and the 2021 NCHS Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Plan.

NCHS prefers to fund capital grants that include some or all of the following criteria:

  • Enhance health outcomes and develop healthy communities
  • Create opportunities for sustainable and significant long-term impacts
  • Have broad community support and sponsorship
  • Encourage creativity and collaboration among organizations
  • Efficiently utilize limited resources
  • Leverage funding opportunities
  • Build capacity, improve, or expand existing programs that address demonstrated unmet community needs

Grant Review Cycles

Letters of inquiry for capital grant requests are accepted year-round.

Application Process

Getting Started

Before submitting a letter of inquiry, we encourage you to contact us at (765) 423-1604  to discuss your request, capital grant guidelines, and the grant application process.

Organizations initiating a capital grant request will begin by submitting a letter of inquiry that provides:

  • A concise description of the organization
  • A statement of the problem or need to be addressed
  • An explanation of the project or proposed solution
  • Estimated total cost of the project
  • Description of any existing financial or organizational partners
  • Amount requested from NCHS

Letters of inquiry should be addressed to:

North Central Health Services, Inc.
Attn: Michelle Kreinbrook, Director of Community Benefit and Outreach
2900 North River Road
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Upon receipt of the letter of inquiry, initial review will determine whether the request meets NCHS capital grant funding guidelines and priorities. You will be notified in writing of the initial determination. If approved for further evaluation, you will be informed of application opportunities.

Application Requirements

If your request is approved for further evaluation, you will complete a grant application and provide the following:

  • Bids, Quotes, Drawings, & Appraisals
    • For building projects, you will provide drawings and the final contractor bid
    • For renovation projects, you will provide a final contractor bid and drawings, if applicable
    • For equipment requests, you will provide vendor quotes
    • For building acquisition requests, you will provide an inspection report
    • For land acquisition requests, you will provide at least one independent appraisal report
  • Financial Statements
    • For requests under $25,000, you will provide internal, present-year financial statements
    • For requests $25,000-$250,000, you will provide internal, present-year financial statements and an external compilation, financial review, or audit of the prior year's financial statements
    • For requests over $250,000, you will provide internal, present-year financial statements and an external, complete audit of the prior year's financial statements

Review Criteria

While not all organizations will meet all criteria, the questions below provide a guide for capital grant application review:

Proven Success

  • Does the organization have a clear mission and clearly defined outcomes toward which it is working?
  • Does the organization have proven success achieving organizational goals and positive outcomes for its target population?
  • Has the organization demonstrated its ability to measure success and impact?


  • Does the organization coordinate and collaborate with other organizations to increase impact, avoid duplicative service, and efficiently leverage resources?
  • For requests over $250,000, has the organization demonstrated community support for the project by raising 10% at minimum or more from other funders so far?

Effective Operations

  • Is the organization fiscally responsible?
  • Does the organization have the appropriate staff, internal systems, and board leadership to be effective?


  • Has the organization demonstrated its ability to sustain the resources necessary to maintain its work?

Contact Us

We encourage you to contact us with any questions about the NCHS grantmaking program at (765) 423-1604. We look forward to learning more about your organization.